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About CannaQuality

What we do

We understand the impact of microbiological contamination in the cannabis industry. CannaQuality offers expert consulting services in the field of microbiological contamination control and remediation, including development of environmental monitoring programs, disinfection regimens, and assistance with facility and equipment design.

CannaQuality’s Expert Microbiologist has developed an in-house test method for screening for microbiological contamination. Click here for more information.

FREE Initial Consultation!


We offer a FREE one-hour consultation to discuss your needs or concerns, including an overview of our in-house microbiological testing.

Who we are

Robert Westney, our Principal Consultant and Expert Microbiologist, has 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and dietary supplement industries. He brings this experience to bear on his approach to assisting clientele with control and remediation of microbiological contamination.

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